Bland Welcome Message

Bland Welcome Message

Land ahoy! You've found yourself to StraightUp Productions, or Will Dalrymple, Mark Bittlestone and Will Penswick, as we're known to our friends, enemies, and Old Ma Joan who runs the ice cream truck down the road. We run comedy nights - and bloody good ones - in areas of London that are in desperate need of guaranteed laughs and in venues so lovely you'd happily introduce them to your parents. We're also comedians ourselves, if this electrically funny prose hadn't already given that away.

Will Dalrymple specialises in filth, gay filth. There's nothing he doesn't find funny about two men having sex. Especially the poo.

Mark Bittlestone, when not collaborating with Haydn Jenkins on acclaimed sketch shows, is also gay and is frequently to be found standing up and cracking wise about his own internalised homophobia. On many an occasion he and Dalrymple perform together as gay comedy double act 'Gaylords' (previously 'Pity Laughs'), the gayest thing since sliced Elton John.

From the mind of Will Penswick comes a fearsome duet of comic creations: eye-scratchingly bad poet, eye-catchingly dressed Scandi detective. If his previous performances are anything to go by, you're in safe hands with Penswick (though you're not safe if you're sat on the front row).

We want to 'make it' as comedians, of course we do - telly, the 02, the lot - but we also want comedy to be worth making it in. Aiming high doesn't always work out - our post-rave archery is testament to that - but here, we hope, it will.

Comedy London, Comedy South London, Cheap Comedy London

(So yeah, he's not won anything)

Comedy London, Comedy South London, Cheap Comedy London

(They give out three of these a week)

Comedy London, Comedy South London, Cheap Comedy London

(Yeah, quarter finalist, as a wild card...)

It both destroys and reinforces several stereotypes...but one thing's for sure: it's a laugh.

A Younger Theatre For "Pity Laughs: A Tale of Two Gays"

Easily the best free show I saw whilst I was in Edinburgh. Will is not only hilarious, quick and engaging but a very talented artist. We were so pleased to stumble across him!

Audience Review For “Will Penswick: Dank Verse”, ★★★★★

In short: it's really rather good.

LondonTheatre1 For “Tristram Shandy”, ★★★★

Outstanding show! If you see a better free show at this year's fringe I'd be shocked and amazed... Overall an easy 5 stars

Audience Review For “Will Penswick: Dank Verse”, ★★★★★

This is a seriously funny show and he is a very sharp performer

Plays to See For “Will Penswick: Dank Verse”, ★★★★

The first true gem of the 2017 Fringe

Broadway Baby For “Pity Laughs: A Tale of Two Gays”, ★★★★★

This play is disastrously wrong on almost every level imaginable.

EdFringeReview For “The Country Wife”,

It's been a blast, a show whose brazenness you can revel in

The Wee Review For "Pity Laughs: A Tale Of Two Gays", ★★★★

Laugh out loud funny

Broadway Baby For “Will Penswick: Dank Verse”, ★★★★

Shockingly intimate, brilliantly crafted, whole-heartedly funny

The Tab For "Pity Laughs, ★★★★★

Hard not to love...brilliant

Radio Ha-Ha For “Will Penswick: Dank Verse”, ★★★★

Very well written...horrifyingly funny

EdFringeReview For “Pity Laughs: A Tale of Two Gays”, ★★★★

Upcoming Shows

Like several governments' positions on the legality of cannabis, we're managing a high turnaround these days (of comedy shows). If you're looking for laughs in your immediate future, see what laughs are imminently on the horizon, or head to our 'What's on?' page to schedule your mirth on a longer-term basis.