Will Penswick

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Will, or "Penners" as he's had to be called for the sake of his colleague, infuriatingly also Will, and his vanity, is a writer, comedian and producer...oh...and total mug.

Will was born in Hammersmith, raised in Fulham and schooled in Wimbledon, so had to move to Ireland for six years know what life is actually like. Will's always been very, very silly. Despite nicking a load of booze from a primary school parents' evening, at age 13 he won the School Cup (the prize for being the best person in the final year of school...genuinely). Will went on to secondary school where he cultivated passions that extended beyond playing sport and acting like an idiot. Alongside a string of awards for his footballing prowess (U15B and 5th XI Player of the Year), Will began to write scripts, read and act a lot more. He wrote and starred in 'The Final Whistle' when he was 17, a WWI comedy (yep) that went on to win the school's House Drama Award. The play was directed by his best mate, and now colleague, Mark Bittlestone.

Acknowledging that writing and performing might be his only shot at happiness, Will went to Trinity College, Dublin to study English Literature and Drama. Will wrote three plays that were produced by the University's Players and directed four. His play: 'The Unquiet Hour' headlined the University's summer festival in 2015. Will's writing also extended to comedy as well, where he began hosting fundraisers at TCD and performing stand-up. In 2016, Will had his first gig as a graduated adult in Whelan's Pub in Dublin - his best performance to date. Since leaving Dublin in 2017, Will has written two more plays and a screenplay that he intends to produce one day.

Since starting StraightUp Productions with messrs (and messers they are) Bittlestone and Dalrymple, Will P writes and performs mostly character comedy, building towards his 60 minute festival shows. His debut hour of comedy 'Will Penswick: Dank Verse', a headsplitting comedy-poetry bonanza, received four stars across the board and was called "brilliant" (Radio Ha-Ha) and "a comic treat" (PlaysToSee).

In 2019, Will will be performing as the Faroese detective Paetur Paetursson in 'Will Penswick: Nørdic(k)' at VAULT, Leicester, Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals.

Will also writes as electronic music enthusiast and reviewer Ollie Pfizer-Caskey for his blog 'Home Is Where The House Is'.