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Will Penswick: Dank Verse


"Will Penswick bills himself as the worst performance poet in the world. Don't believe him - this is a seriously funny show and he is a very sharp performer." ★★★★ Plays To See

"Laugh out loud funny" ★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Hard not to love... brilliant show" ★★★★ Radio Ha-Ha!

Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street, Friday March 23rd 2018 & Saturday March 24th 2018, 21:00

Brighton Fringe: Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road, Brighton, May 28th, June 2nd & June 3rd, 15:45

Edinburgh Fringe: Laughing Horse Free Festival @ The Place Hotel, venue no. 532, 4.15pm, 2-16 Aug


Sex, death, Christianity, Tim Henman, pigeons, divorce, fox hunting, allergies, global politics, casseroles; no topic is too out there for Will Penswick. Brought to you by one of the most enigmatic figures in modern literature, "Dank Verse" is a mixture of shocking (in both senses of the word; it's awful) spoken word poetry, audience interaction, Penswick's views on life, love and, more often than not, himself. Voice of a generation? Umm...

Imagine the worst poetry you've ever heard. Then multiply that by 1000 and give it to an artist who believes it's brilliant. "Dank Verse" asks you to forget everything you've ever known about art as Will Penswick tries to present an hour of his "best loved" and "most celebrated" work with some freshly baked haikus thrown in for good measure. A maverick, a renegade and a terrible flirt, Penswick's canon demands attention, and now that he's finally got it who knows what he might read. Laugh with him, laugh at him but either're very welcome.

Edinburgh Fringe Audience Reviews

"Outstanding show! If you see a better free show at this year's fringe I'd be shocked and amazed... Overall an easy 5 stars." - Mark Redmond (

"Easily the best free show I saw whilst I was in Edinburgh. Will is not only hilarious, quick and engaging but a very talented artist. We were so pleased to stumble across him!" - George Combe (

"An impressive, assured performance from a charming young man (in a very nice jacket ). Look forward to seeing what he does next. " - Hilary Shaw (

"By far the best discovery of my Fringe so far has been @StraightUp_Prod's Will Penswick, 4.15 at venue 532 (Place Hotel). Kinda like Garth Marenghi, but with poorly made 80's horror TV replaced by a far greater terror... bad poetry. Can't recommend enough." - J Bone Capone (Twitter user)