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After a two-month hiatus while we went to the Edinburgh Fringe, spent all of our money, didn't get athlete's foot (genuine shock of the century) but did perform in what was essentially a coal mine for 26 days, we are BACK! We're at Landor Road's best pub (The Landor) TWICE A MONTH, on the first and third Friday of every month. We're also going to be holding some charity specials at Theatre Peckham so keep an eye out for those, or don't, if, like us, you actually detest charity and only associate with it to increase your popularity in the most cynical manner you can find.

StraightUp Comedy 4 Oct


Landor Space, 70 Landor Rd, Clapham, London SW9 9PH


Friday 4 October, 19:45


Bore off and go and have pints with your work colleagues if you want to. But anyone who is anyone (apart from everyone who doesn't come) will be daaan at the Landor on a Friday night (as long as it's…

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